Who We Are

Alfredo Consulting Corp. offers professional guidance to businesses and brands that want to be successful in the modern jewelry world. We are built on experience, passion and knowledge that spans decades of evolution in jewelry worldwide.

Our clients include emerging brands, new businesses and existing corporations that either want to make a name in the market or grow their existing base. We provide insights, advice and strategic direction to move ahead. We help businesses achieve greater agility and responsiveness to bring them closer to the consumer and ultimately greater profits.


Defined by Our Values

We are not your average consulting company. We are the jewelry business advisor that makes a difference in your company’s growth. And we do this by adhering to our core values.

We know that we must earn the respect and trust of our clients. We therefore operate on a system of a transparency and authenticity that translate into the other values of our company.

About our Founder

I am Alfredo Oriza, the owner of Alfredo Consulting Corp.

I started Alfredo Consulting Corp. because I realized that the experience and knowledge I have gained from more than 30 years in the industry is beneficial to helping other businesses become their best. Seeing the issues they are faced with, and knowing that I can help them to overcome and grow inspires me to offer my services and be the finest jewelry business consultant they can rely on.

Over my 30 years in the industry, I have seen and dealt with most of the common issues jewelers are facing today. And I have been able to expand and grow my own business in these competitive times. With the first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience that I have garnered over the years, I have been able to assist other jewelry companies in increasing their profitability.

I am also very active outside of my business because you need a strong work-life balance that enhances productivity. I swim and play basketball on a regular basis and I am a 5x bowling champion in my area of Seattle.

My family helps me to keep focused and drives me every day to be the best that I can be. And that best is showing other business owners how they too can achieve the levels of growth possible in our industry.

My overall aim is to give business owners peace of mind knowing that their investment will pay off and that their business can grow.

Ready to tap into my jewelry experience to grow your business? Schedule a consultation today.